Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I drive to work each morning along the M4. It is chaotic. Those of you who have driven down busy motorways may recognise the situation; those that want to go fast move to the outside lane, those that presumably don't want to go so fast stay in the middle lane and the remainder are in the nearside lane. This leads to what strikes me as an inverted population of the three lanes. If everyone followed the principle of returning to the nearside lane as soon as the overtaking manoeuvre was completed then one would expect there to be the most traffic in the nearside lane, fewer in the midle lane and fewer still in the outside lane. Instead we have the exact opposite. This results in acres of unused tarmac in the inside and middle lanes which means that the motorway is not being used efficiently. Further, it leads drivers to move into those lanes and pass other cars on the left.
Since we don't have traffic police any more these bad driving practices are becoming the norm and I am experiencing anarchy on the motorway.

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