Monday, 2 March 2009

Science in the Media

Do you receive the Sunday Times? I do. In yesterday's edition the magazine contained a large piece titled "What turns women on" accompanied by a number of pictures of naked women (not in the online version) oddly adorned with words such as desire and what women want. Being a fumbling, ignorant male and desiring elucidation this was one of the articles that I had noted for reading some time later this week.
Quite separately, I subscribe to tweets from such luminaries as Stephen Fry, Maggie Philbin and Ben Goldacre. Last night I received a tweet from Ben Goldacre who is the author of an excellent book titled 'Bad Science' and writer of an equally excellent blog by the same name. The tweet pointed me to this blog. I don't think I will bother reading the Sunday Times article now. However, I do think I might read Dr Petra Boynton's blog in future.

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