Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I am overweight. My BMI is just over 30 which means I am obese. I have given up alcohol and I swim for five hours a week but, even so, I have barely lost 2 kilograms since the beginning of the year. Notwithstanding all that I found myself seething when I read that ‘Everyone aged between 40 and 74 will be called in to their GP for a 'fat test' and prescribed weight management and exercise if they are found to be overweight, under a new Government drive on obesity.’ If I want help from my GP then I will go and ask him for it.

My faith in Doctors was restored when I read the latest epistle from NHS Blog Doctor. I agree totally when he says that ‘there is no such thing as “health food”.’ I read the whole article, agreeing with every point he makes, including the one where he says “They all over-eat”. I cannot escape that fact that that statement is referring to me.


Oranjepan said...

When I was younger I was a sport fanatic (climbing trees etc...) and my coaches always drilled into us that size is irrelevant - what counts is the fat:muscle ratio.

The body stores energy at a steady rate, so eating less without exercising more just means you'll go to the toilet less.

If you want to reduce fat storage, building up muscles where more fat will be burnt is more effective than reducing energy intake alone.

Eating the same amount while exercising a bit more means you'll stay about the same weight, but that you'll start exchanging fat for muscle. After a few months when muscle has built up you'll start seeing a slow but steady weight reduction.

A simple but regular routine of stretches which uses all muscle groups (5-10 mins/day) is the essential starting point. A couple of hours swimming and walking are the perfect addition.

It sounds like this is where you are now - so I hope you are feeling better, more alert, better quality sleep. How is the swimming - does it feel like a chore, or do you enjoy it and are improving?

Anything else depends on personal dietary habits. Trimming excess off food before cooking is simple and good - rindless bacon, no skins on chicken, no roast crackling etc.

The main thing though is to enjoy what you eat, rather than eating for the sake of it.


Nowtas said...

I was eating a pack of Monster Munch when I read this. Sad but true.

Someone chuck us a cream cake for pud.