Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Climate Change

I am neither convinced that man is the cause of climate change nor that climate change is a significant problem so I am amused by the antics of politicians desperately trying, as they see it, to save the world. The latest farce is reported on the excellent Watts Up With That? blog. It would appear that since 2005 all diesel fuel sold in Minnesota has to contain 2 percent biodiesel. The problem is that below 10 degrees F (12 degrees C) this form of diesel turns into a gel like substance and the engines will not work. This became an issue on Friday 16 January when the school buses wouldn't run and, as a consqequence, all the schools had to be closed. The best bit, however, comes in a comment from the district's spokesman, Rick Kaufman, who said that some school districts keep their buses in temperature-controlled garages, and that the First Student bus service, which contracts with several metro-area school districts, keeps its buses in garages or idles them through the night.
I just hope that the phrases 'temperature-controlled garages' and 'idles them through the night' will cause every green Minnesotan representative to consider the so-called law of unintended consequences before they next legislate to save the world.

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