Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A reason to watch the inauguration

An intriguing comment on EU Referendum which might make me actually watch the inauguration:
The inauguration of a new President is always exciting and I have watched several in the past on TV, urged by my father to look out for the man with the briefcase that supposedly contained the code that could unleash a nuclear war. As the incoming Commander-in-Chief was sworn in, he maintained, the man quietly detaches himself from the old one and positions himself behind the new one. I never managed to notice the crucial moment and have no idea whether the instructions were accurate.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the man with the briefcase?

Anonymous said...

I didnt see him, no matter how hard I looked out.
Good to see the new president fluff his lines though, nice start!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the man with the briefcase now carries a memory stick instead.