Friday, 13 February 2009


I went to the Royal Berks yesterday for an ultrasound scan of my liver. Apart from the abysmally designed car parking facilities which resulted in me arriving only ten minutes before my appointment rather than the fifteen that had been requested, it went well. I followed the signs to the X-ray department without any problem as the letter has explained that that was where the ultrasound department resided. I checked in at the reception, I walked down to the smaller waiting room when I was asked to, I waited until I was called and then I obediently exposed my midriff to the nurses probing. Twenty minutes later I was out. Everybody that I had dealt with had been pleasant and courteous. I would have preferred not to have had to wait in a small room with a number of other people but that is my problem not one for the NHS. So nothing remarkable then except when one reads blogs like this. I don't know how they manage.

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