Wednesday, 18 February 2009

People Watching

My normal commute is a drive along the M4 with a mix Radio 4 and Radio Berkshire for company. Human interaction is, therefore, passive. This week I am commuting to Hammersmith and I get to travel on public transport. I love it. I can read whilst someone else worries about getting me to me destination. Not only that I can look at people. This is an activity that is endlessly rewarding, I just don't get an opportunity to do normally. This morning was even more rewarding than usual. A young lady sitting a few seats down on the train had what appeared to be an involuntary, repetitive action for which, I am sure, there must be a proper medical term. Every so often her left hand would stray to her hair and she would twiddle it, then she would pull the strand across her lips then across the skin above her upper lip and then let it go. This was performed twice with hair from the left side and then twice with hair from the right side of her head. How absolutely fascinating. I am afraid I couldn't stop watching this performance.

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