Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Turning Wine into Water

The EUs tendrils creep a lot further into our daily life than we imagine. It transpires that there is an official designation for what can be called wine. As is always the case defining something like this is not easy. More often than not it seems to result in an unintended consequences. The need to define what is a cake comes about from the fact that cakes are zero-rated for VAT whilst chocolate covered biscuits are not. This led to a 13 year long dispute between Marks and Spencer and HMRC over the tax status of M&S chocolate teacakes, see here, which was only resolved last week.
Today we have reports of the EU example regarding wine, see here. Is it wine or isn't it? I think it is and I also think that the law, which increasingly means the Eu, is an ass.

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